4.5+ hour presentation for school professionals

This is a 4.5+ hour presentation designed for school professionals and even parents that will educate them on the following points:  

  1. The major sleep disorders in students and how they seriously impair students' academic performance, behaviors, health and safety;
  2. The high incidence rate of students and adults with these sleep disorders that are 3-4 times higher than Epidemic Levels;
  3. How school professionals can recognize the signs or symptoms (in most cases these student aren't falling asleep);
  4. The significant improvements in learning, GPA, behaviors, and graduation post-treatment and correction; and
  5. How to screen these students for FREE through October 31, 2019 with the leading sleep screening inventory in the world, and for only 50 cents per screening after October 31, 2019.  This sleep screening inventory normally sells for $12.95 per child/teen/or adult.


*Presentation is provided via Download in Microsoft PowerPoint Show (.ppsx) format. If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint please refer to this link for information on how to view the presentation. You will be provided immediate access to the download after purchase in your "Account Home" section of SleepInventory.com while logged in. The presentation is 1+ GB in size.