Awards - Here are a few of the awards Luginbuehl has received:

The American Psychological Association's (APA) Outstanding Dissertation of the Year Award in 2003 for the interdisciplinary collaboration with many renowned sleep specialists, sleep centers nationwide, psychologists, and measurement/statistics experts to develop and validate the reliable Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students (SDIS) and now the SDIS-Revised.

The George Albert Marquis Who's Who in America Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Dr. Marsha Luginbuehl in 2019 for her outstanding career of achievement in her professional fields of sleep medicine, sleep screening, and education. Her development of two of the leading pediatric sleep screening inventories in the world has contributed significantly to the improvement of children and adolescents' achievement, behaviors, and health after their sleep disorders have been identified and corrected. Luginbuehl's seminal work has been a betterment to contemporary society.

Luginbuehl has also received this Marquis "Who's Who in America" annual recognition from 2007 through 2018. In 2011 she was awarded the Marquis "Who's Who in American Medicine and Health" for her development of the Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students (SDIS), and her training of thousands of pediatric professionals nationwide and in Canada.

This USEP "Teacher of the Year in Student Services" honor was given Dr. Luginbuehl for the development of the Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students (SDIS) and for her training and consultation with Pasco County School District, FL staff to help them develop a sleep screening process to identify students with harmful sleep disorders.